Rec Tec Turkey Recipes – Quick & Easy

There are several Rec-Tec turkey recipes that you can try out this season and make it different from the others. We have highlighted a few of the best rec Tec turkey recipes.

Rec Tec Turkey Recipes - Quick & Easy

There is no denying it that the festive season has already caved on us and as such we have no option but to embrace it.

That only means that it is that season again where we look for new recipes to try out, new kitchenware to help us with the task on hand, and also new ways to smoke and cook the turkey as it is usually the Centre of attention during this season.

In respect to that, we have to ensure that we prepare it in the best way possible such that it will not lose its taste and at the same time it is fully cooked.

That is where most people go wrong, they either end up overcooking it hence losing its taste, or they undercook it, and now it is tasty yet unhealthy. That is why if you are looking for the best grill to help you cook your turkey the way it should, then you should definitely go for rec tec.

Statistics have it that more than half of Americans use Rec Tec for their turkey and that does not come as a surprise because it helps prepare the best turkey to blend in with this festive season.

Additionally, it is easy to control the temperature which is one of the challenges people meet and at the same time does not produce gas.

Maple bourbon smoked turkey

One thing you can never go wrong with is the maple bourbon smoked Rec-Tec turkey recipe but again no matter how good your recipe is, using the right grill is the only thing that guarantees you of a good outcome.

Below is a step by step guide to this Rec-Tec recipe please feel free to use it for your turkey this season.


  • Obviously, the main ingredient here is the turkey. Get one that is between 10 to 12 lbs
  • ¾ cup bourbon
  • Poultry seasoning or you can use freshly ground black pepper for taste
  • One cup of pure maple syrup
  • Half a cup of brown sugar
  • One cup of melted butter
  • 3 quarts of ice
  • 5 quarts of hot water
  • One and a half cups of kosher salt
  • One onion peeled and quartered through
  • One tablespoon of whole cloves
  • 2 tbsp. black pepper
  • 3 broken into pieces bay leaves
  • Four orange peels or you could use three depending on the concentration you want
  • You could use a few ingredients for garnishing such as sprigs of fresh sage and thyme or alternatively, kumquats, orange wedges or even lady apples
  • Turkey gravy should be ready for serving purposes
  • Kitchen twine

How to cook a Turkey on a Rec Tec Grill
( Rec Tec Turkey Recipe )


  • Take your container or any other pot which you will use to mix the ingredients and add the five quarts of hot water, kosher salt (you can also use table salt but reduce the amount to ¾ of a cup to prevent high concentration), add the bourbon, maple syrup, onions, black pepper, cloves, and bay leaves then stir until you get a smooth precision mixture. Now add the ice
  • Clean your 10-12 lbs. Turkey both on its insides and out by rinsing it on a source of running water and remove the giblets. You can either throw them away or save them for another use
  • Once you are sure, it’s clean add it to the brine and put it in the refrigerator overnight and add a bag of ice to ensure that it is completely submerged in the brine
  • The next day, drain it and dry it in whichever way you deem suitable but you can also use paper towels. Once you are done with that, the brine is no longer of use to you so you can always throw it away
  • Now you will have finished with the initial stages of our Rec Tec turkey recipe and now heading into the last phase. Tie the legs of your turkey using the kitchen twine, and also don’t forget to fold the wingtips behind its back
  • Now combine the melted butter with the remaining maple syrup. During the brine making stage, you only used ¾ of it, so the remaining amount is ¼. Brush this mixture on the turkey and then sprinkle the salt, poultry seasoning or the black pepper on it
  • Start your Rec Tec grill on smoke and ensure you leave the lid open for four to five minutes so good fire quality can be established. Also, don’t forget to adjust the temperature to 3500 F. close the lid and preheat your grill for about fifteen minutes
  • Time to roast your turkey now. Put it on the grill for two to three hours and use a red meat thermometer to ensure that the internal temperature of the turkey is 1650 especially on its thigh which is usually the thickest part
  • Half an hour before you remove it from the Rec Tec grill brush it with the remaining amount of butter and maple syrup mixture and lastly let it rest for about twenty minutes so you can carve it

Once all this is done, you can now place it on the table before family time and tease your family members by making them salivate. It is one of the best Rec Tec recipes around, and also it’s not complicated as you can easily get access to the ingredients.

Other simple Rec Tec recipes

Turkey Cajun style

It is quite simple as it only requires three ingredients, namely, Chachere creole injection, creole seasoning, and 4 tablespoons of olive oil.


The procedure is similarly effortless as you

  • First, preheat REC TEC to 3500F
  • Inject the turkey with the Chachere creole injection as you wait for the grill to preheat. This may take close to 20 minutes
  • Rub the turkey’s skin with the olive oil and sprinkle the seasoning
  • Smoke it at3500 F and again ensure the internal temp reaches 1650, so it can be fully cooked on the inside
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