How to Clean a Grill Pan – Quick & Easy

Washing is an essential process in our homes that is done to maintain high standards of cleanliness. When we talk about the kitchen as a whole, there are many equipment and utensils that are included. In this article, we going to deal with how to clean a grill pan. Actually, a grill pan provides the best way ever to compete with the experience of outdoor grilling for those of us who reside in apartments and are not able to cook outside.

How to Clean a Grill Pan (Effortlessly)

How to Clean a Grill Pan - The Best Way
1. You are told that before you start cleaning the grill pan you are supposed to ensure that you protect the clothes you are wearing since it is one messy task and also wear gloves especially the rubber ones. You are also required to have the following wire wool for those who do not have that can use a stiff brush, a sponge that will be used for scrubbing, an oven cleaner only if the label says that it is safe to use it on your grill and lastly a washing liquid.

2. You are required to fast boil water till it gets very hot. Then after that, you pour the hot in the sink and add the washing liquid like for example morning fresh then you put the grill pan in the hot water.

3. After putting the grill pan on the hot water you are then required to soak it for a couple of minutes let us say about 15 to 30 minutes till the food on the grill loosens up or comes out. It might take more or fewer minutes depending on the food that was cooked on the pan.

how to clean a grill pan

4. Once you see that all the crusted on food has come off completely, you use a stiff brush or a wire wool to scrub off everything on the grill pan mostly along the ridges till there is no food residue left on it.

5. After cleaning the inner side of the grill pan, you then turn the grill over so that you can be able to clean the reverse side of it.

6. When you are done cleaning both the inside and the outside sides of the grill pan, you then rinse the grill with cold clean water to freshen it up the wipe it using a wiping towel.

7. Sometimes it might be quite of a long process to soak the grill pan in hot water. There is another way in which you can clean your grill and it includes;

8. Placing the grill pan on a surface that is very much protected.
Before continuing with the procedure, you first read the instructions that are written on the label, then spray along the grill an oven cleaner like the cif and wait for it to get effective. You are then asked to study carefully the directions given on the label to avoid any accidents that might be caused due to the lack of putting into consideration the necessary precautions given.

9. With the use of a sponge, scrub off the oven cleaner completely and also any loose food residue that might have been left on it.

10.  After ensuring that there is no more food residue on the grill, you then rinse the grill under running clean cold water thoroughly. After cleaning the inner side of the grill, you then turn it over and repeat steps 2 to 4 carefully.

11. Any type of grill pan that is designed for any other use can be cleaned exactly by using the steps above. It is advised that you clean your grill pan once in a month at least if you use it more than once.

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